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Port City To Be Expanded


Minister of Megapolis and Western Development Patali Champika Ranawaka says the Port City Project will recommence by mid next year after solving its issues.

"On principle, the government agreed to proceed with the project under the BOI. Under the Ministry, the Project will be much broader and will facilitate with other development projects such as financing and trading hubs, and various other projects. At the south harbour, one terminal has been completed and the other two are yet to be completed. The Project was originally designed to be adjacent to the Colombo South Harbour Development project. So we need to expand our port activities in a proper way," he said. The Minister further said the already signed agreement has some legal issues, and the creation of a new island has to be legalised as well.

He said a proper Environmental Impact Assessment should also be carried out and all this have to be done before the recommencement of the Project.

"I think the Chinese party is now addressing these issues, and we will soon open a forum for the public to voice their opinions. Thereafter, we will implement the Project with minor adjustments, taking into account the public opinions as well. The Project will most likely recommence by mid next year, but our plan is to expand it from Modara to Wellawatte, and the entire area will be developed as a Port City and all facilities will be promoted not confined only to the Chinese project, he told The Sunday Leader.

Meanwhile, responding to allegations that the leader of the Bodu Bala Sena Ven. Gnanasara thera made that the proposed Complex of Defence Headquarters in Akuregoda was to be transformed into a mega shopping complex, the Minister denied these allegations and said that the project is on track. "It is a huge project. The land that the military was occupying was sold, and the Ministry of Defence got 19 billion for it. But the headquarters of the security forces costs a colossal 62 billion as it is going to be like the Pentagon. I doubt any other building in the country worth that much. This project is going ahead and we have to complete it," said Minister Ranawaka.