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CHEC Port City Colombo to transform Diyawanna Lake for Vesak


The 14th United Nations Day of Vesak will take place in Sri Lanka this year, giving Sri Lankans the unique opportunity of commemorating the festival on an international platform.
The Government in collaboration with the Buddha Sasana Ministry has declared a Vesak Week from May 7 to May 14. Therefore, Vesak 2017 is slated to be a special time for the country; with several international delegations comprising more than 3,000 people expected to arrive in the country during the festival week.
With the intention of making the Vesak week even more memorable for local and international visitors alike, CHEC Port City Colombo has joined hands with the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development, the organizers of the Diyawanna Vesak zone. The project company has undertaken to build the Diyawanna water counter; comprising of a massive water fountain in the middle of the Diyawanna lake and a water curtain that would screen the Diyatha side of the bridge.
The fountain on the lake which would be called the ‘Colombo Water Fountain - Sri Lanka’ will reach around 30 to 35 meters in height, whilst its 16 meter diameter is expected to have an actual range of about 32 meters. Designed with stainless LED lights and artistic formations, using the latest technology, the water fountain would be an impressive sight that is set to delight the senses of the viewer.
The other eye catching creation by the Port City would be the ‘Bridge waterfall’ which is a water curtain built alongside the Diyawanna bridge. The 70 meters long water curtain which will flow on the bridge side, would be lit with full coloured stainless steel LED lights at night, giving it an almost ethereal feeling.
The Diyawanna water counter is to become a permanent feature, post Vesak. The two water features which would be the first of their kind to be built in Sri Lanka, would not only be the high point of attraction this Vesak, but is expected to become one of the most popular large-scale artificial landscapes in Colombo.