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Colombo Port City to attract US$ 15 bn when complete


The Proposed Colombo Port City
The Colombo Port City When Completed Would See An Investment Of Us$15 Billion, Said Liang Thow, Chief Sales Officer, Chec Project.

Speaking At The Business Conclave 2017 Organised By Ceylon Chamber Of Commerce He Said That There Would Also Be A Population Of Over 250,000 Living In It. “I Can Say That 40% Of The Work Is Now Complete.”
He Said That The Port City Would Also Have Several Specialsed Ares Including A Marine University Area, Recreation Area, Residential Area And Also The Financial District, Colombo International Financial City (Cifc) Is A Special Financial Zone That Is Expected To Become An Offshore Financial Centre.

Thow Also Said That The Port City When Completed Would Be Similar To Small City In The World Like Canary Wharf Area In London. He Said That This Project Is Also In The Main Route Of The Proposed Silk Route Of China And It Would Be Of Tremendous Importance.

He Said The Project Has Already Attracted Numerous Investors From All Over The World.
In 2016 The Port City Project Was Again Added In The Megapolis Plan And The Government Which Planned An International Finance Center In Colombo With Its Own Laws Decided To Sign A New Tripartite Agreement Which Resulted In The Project Becoming The Colombo International Finance City.

Megapolis And Western Development Minister Champika Ranawaka, Together With The Urban Development Authority (Uda) And The Chec Port City Colombo Signed The New Agreement In August 12, 2016 And The City Is Expected To Be Governed Under A New Act Named Colombo International Financial Centre Law.