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Nara To Monitor Aquatic Resources In Port City


The National Aquatic Resource Research and Development Agency (NARA) is set to look into the affects of the Colombo Port City project on the aquatic resources at the project site, the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development said yesterday.

Releasing a statement, the ministry said that Rs. 63 million had been provided by the project company for the study. The study will cover a ten kilometre area of the North and South of the project site.

The study would focus on the affects of the project to the environment in general and also look into the affects of the project to the fishermen in the area.

The project company also provided Rs. 500 million to the Ministry to be distributed amongst fishermen who would be affected by the project. The Ministry stated that Rs.150 million had already been distributed amongst the fishermen and the remaining Rs.350 million had been allocated to develop infrastructure used by the fishermen.

The committee appointed to look into the affects of the project on the fishermen along the Western coast had also convened at the Ministry, the statement said.

“We will use the report that will be published by NARA and continue to monitor the project area,” the Ministry said.