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Underground sea road: Study to be completed by March 2018


The feasibility study for the proposed construction project on underground sea road extension via Marine Drive which would be connected to the Port City’s proposed elevated highway will be completed in March 2018, the Director of the Port City project Nihal Fernando said yesterday.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror he said that the Megapolis and Western Development Ministry had received the Cabinet approval to complete the project as Public – Private Partnership (PPP) project.

He said that the Cabinet had submitted the proposal to the Cabinet Committee on Economic Management and the committee recommended that a joint venture would be more suitable for the above project.

The feasibility of the project will be looked by a three- member committee comprising Secretary of the Finance and Mass Media, Secretary of the Megpolis and Western Development and a representative of the Attorney General’s Department.

The agreements for the certain infrastructure to the Port City had signed between the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development, Urban Development Authority and CHEC Port City Colombo (Pvt) Limited in August, 2016, he said.

“The Road Development Authority (RDA) will be constructed a new Kelani Bridge and Port Access Elevated Highway which would connect to the existing Colombo – Katunayake Airport highway, and also an extension of Marine Drive will be also connected to the Port Access Elevated highway”, he said.

Mr. Feranado said that the Marine Drive sea road extension will increase the width of the Galle Face Green without damaging or disturbing the heritage buildings such as Galle Face Hotel and could also provide an underground road which would connect to the Shangri La Hotel area.