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Port City’s Fishermen Livelihood Support Society Gifts Rs. 16 million To 8 Village Fishery Associations in Negombo and Wattala


The Fishermen Livelihood Support Society Limited (FLSSL) a programme run by CHEC Port City Colombo (Private) Limited, the project company of Colombo Port City Development Project recently granted Rs 2 million each to 8 village fishery associations based in Negombo and Wattala areas.

The sum of Rupees 16 million was distributed at a recently held event in Negombo.

The grant will provide thousands of fisher families the opportunity to receive welfare, as well as support for self-employment etc; through the respective fishery associations.

The associations which received the grant are, Samagi Village Fishery Association, Palliyawatta South St.Sebastian Fishery Association, Kattudal Union Fishery Association, Nirdhosha Maniyange Women’s Fisheries Society, Swashakthi Women’s Fisheries Society, Palagathure St.Anthony Fishery Association and Kurana St.Mary’s Fishery Association.

The project company, through the FLSSL programme, previously distributed more than Rs. 130 million amongst 65 village fishery associations located along the Wattala and Negombo coastal belt. These associations, which were registered with the Fisheries Department, received Rs 2 million each.

Ranjith Bandara, Negombo, Assistant Director for the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, speaking at the event commented that these fishery associations had handled the grant in a responsible manner, and continues to provide great service to their members. He has further said that regional fishery inspectors were assigned to monitor the manner in which the grant monies are spent by the associations and annual audit reports would be provided to the fisheries office for their approval.

Joseph Peter, Co-Chairman of the Negombo Zonal Society for the National Fisheries Federation, also spoke at the event expressing his gratitude to Colombo Port City for empowering these fishery associations through the financial grants. He said that it was more beneficial since the Port City had understood that it is fishery associations themselves who would have the empathy to handle the needs of their fellow members. He appreciated the number of different welfare and livelihood development programmes the Port City has spearheaded.

Nirmala Fernando, Urban Council Member of the Wattala Urban Council and the Secretary of the Negombo Zonal Society for the National Fisheries Federation, speaking at the event said that the Negombo area Women’s Fisheries Societies which had been established amidst many difficulties were an example to Women’s Fisheries Societies across the island, given the way in which they have utilised and managed the monies received by their associations. She says that this massive grant from the Port City has empowered the female members of the association to ensure that their members would reap full benefits from the grant.

FLSSL President, former Secretary for the Fisheries Ministry, G.Piyasena, Administrative Manager of the FLSSL, Ranjan Fonseka, Operations Manager and Former Director of the Fisheries Department H.S.G Fernando, Head of Public Relations for CHEC Port City Colombo (Private) Limited, Kassapa Senarath, officers of the Negombo Regional Office and members of Village Fishery Associations participated in the event, which was held at the Fisheries Livelihood Support Programme Office located in Negombo.