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Govt. to invest $ 1 b on utility services in Port City


- Port City the new pearl in Indian Ocean Champika
-To be connected to LRT
-Confident of significant returns on investment in 10 years

The Government is set to invest $ 1 billion to supply electricity and water to the Port City, Megapolis and Western Development Champika Ranawaka announced yesterday in an interview given to China Central TV.

“We will be supplying electricity and water to the Port City and the Government will invest in it. We are confident that we can earn back the money through the new land acquired in the Port City within 10 years,” he told the TV station during an interview recorded at the Port City construction site.

Elaborating on the infrastructure, the Minister said the newest addition to Sri Lanka’s coast line would also be connected to the proposed light rail system. The city will also be connected to the country’s growing highway network and railway system, he said.

Calling the Port City the new pearl in the Indian Ocean, Ranawaka said the new development was set to bring economic opportunities to the region.

"The Port City will benefit not only Sri Lanka, but East Africa, Central Asia and Western Asia as well," he said.