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Liang Thow Ming speaks at Members Meet


It was yet another gathering numbering over 100 participants comprising of members of the TMC, sponsors and the guests taking the opportunity of listening to Liang Thow Ming – Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of CHEC Port City Colombo Ltd., on a current and interesting topic ‘Port City Colombo’ on 30 May at the Galadari Hotel.

Explaining to the packed audience Ming said that the modern metropolis is designed to the standards of the very best global cities setting aside almost 34% of the land mass of 269 hectares for public amenities, infrastructure and parks, while the project boasts of a master plan that draws parallel with Marina Bay of Singapore.

He further went on to say that it is divided into five different precincts namely Central Park Living, Financial District, International Island, The Marina and Island Living; each with its own distinct characteristics, identity and unique selling points. Eight strategic projects are said to be planned – The Colombo International Financial Centre, The Marina, a world class convention centre, healthcare institution, a top international school, an integrated resort, bustling retail destination and hospitality concepts.

He emphasised that with the project timeline of 25 years, it is expected to create 83,000 high value career opportunities, bringing new knowledge and skills. Currently, it is on the verge of the completion of marine structures that will allow to conclude the reclamation process, he mentioned. Infrastructure works for the eastern half of the project has commenced since last July and is expected to complete by end of 2020 says Ming emphasising that the project is attracting good interest from the international investment community and they look forward to commence construction by next year.

According to Ming, sustainability is the key focus of the project on which great emphasis has been placed in the master plan and the design control regulations. The design control regulations is supposed to be a 1,700 page document and goes into full details on how each and every plot of land should be developed and he said that it goes into details like density, height restrictions, setbacks, various design parameters and landscape requirements.

The result is no matter where you are, you are no further than a 100m from a green element and similarly, you are never more than 500m from a swim! The proposed LRT system has also placed its stations carefully to ensure that 80% of the project is within 400m walking distance from these stations and this will take care of the first mile and last mile commute and drastically cut down secondary transit requirements and therefore carbon footprint he further elaborates.

He stressed that, to make all these happen, we need to harness the best of global business and regional investments that will bring with them world class business practices, best in class knowledge and skill that can eventually be transferred to the locals; resulting in a rise of living standards and skill levels. He was positive that within the next few years, people might see the outcome of this project.

Finally, he pointed out that the Port City Colombo will be the game changer for Sri Lanka and this project will change the skyline of Colombo and lift the most liveable city in South Asia to a much higher level and it will bring opportunities to Sri Lanka, her citizens and her businesses. He concluded his presentation with a very positive remark… Let’s look forward with great enthusiasm. At the conclusion of this very interesting presentation, he engaged the enthusiastic participants on an interesting interactive session to further educate and clarify certain relevant points raised by the audience.