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Daily cleaning programme for Lassana Werala


In a bid to keep Colombo’s only coastal 5 KM beach strip between Mount Lavinia and Wellawatta clean, Port City Colombo made the initiative to carry out a daily cleaning programme in this coastal strip. It was launched and facilitated by the youth environmental organization, ‘Wana Arana’.

This small coastal strip is also polluted due to the adjoining Walawatta canal disposing waste emanates which results in bad odors and pollutes the area. Even though volunteer organizations carry out cleanup programmes from time to time, the waste gets collected very fast making it impossible to keep the beach clean at all times.

The programme titled ‘Lassana Werala’ was the first of its kind and was launched in January this year. Since then, the Clean Tech Company is carrying out the cleaning activities on a daily basis from morning till evening as a daily routine.

The Colombo Municipal Council, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia Municipal Council, Coastal Conservation Department, Sri Lanka Coastguard, Sri Lanka Police and the Navy are among the state institutes that support this programme. ‘Lassana Werala’ receives constant commendation and appreciation for this service from the surrounding businesses and those living in the area.

The curfew resulting from the Covid 19 pandemic commenced with the high tide at the Mount Lavinia – Dehiwala – Wellawatte coastal belt. During this period, an unimaginable quantity of waste gathers in this coast. A majority consists of household waste.

The ‘Lassana Werala’ team continued to work hard to clean up the coast during this crucial time on a daily basis in months of March and April despite the curfew.

With the rise of Port City Colombo, a 2 km-strip of brand-new coast will emerge where anyone is free to feel the sea breeze and enjoy an evening at the beach. Despite this new site, Colombo Port City is committed to creating a clean coastal belt in other areas.

‘Lassana Werala’ team appreciates this commitment and support and seeks the contribution of all to keep Sri Lanka clean and beautiful.