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Work on 10 Colombo Port City bridges expedited


As per Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa’s instructions the Urban Development, Water Supply and Housing Facilities Ministry has expedited the construction of 10 bridges within the Colombo Port City and expects to complete the projects by the end of next year.

As the construction of the Colombo Port City was disrupted for the last few years Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa instructed the Ministry of Urban Development, Water Supply and Housing Facilities to expedite construction work last December.

The Ministry of Urban Development, Water Supply and Housing Facilities issuing a statement said that Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa intervened to reclaim 269 hectares of land in the Colombo Port City and hand over its ownership to the Urban Development Authority (UDA).

Accordingly, Colombo Port City will be constructed in several phases and the construction of bridges is being carried out expeditiously.

“The 10 bridges are constructed through the sea canal passing through Colombo Port City.

The sea canal which is 80 metres wide and 3 Km long stretches through the Port City adding extra beauty to it.

It is also planned to use this canal for drainage and engineering purposes of the Colombo Port City,” the statement read.

“Five bridges will be reserved for pedestrians while the remaining five will be reserved for vehicles. Bridges designed for motorists are being designed to be safer than pedestrian bridges. The length of these bridges is between 80-130 m and the width is between 04-42m.

“The bridges reserved for motor vehicles are being constructed of concrete while the bridges reserved for passengers are being made of iron.

“It is also planned to deploy passenger vessels in the sea canal stretched through the Colombo Port City and arrange aquatic games while deploying light vessels for the games,” it added. People who visit Galle Face will have no obstructions and a gateway is being constructed from Galle Face Green to the Colombo Port City.

The public can access Colombo Port City free of charge. The Colombo Port City, Sri Lanka’s largest development project will bring many benefits to the country, including economic benefits. Investors in Asia and investors around the world have already drawn their attention to the Colombo Port City Development Project. The construction companies of the Colombo Port City are Port City Colombo Pvt Ltd and the China Harbour Company (CHEC).