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Port City will create 87,000 jobs, investments to flow in - Minister


Minister of Foreign Affairs Ali Sabry, PC told Parliament yesterday (22) that the country should learn lessons from the past, leave aside race, religion and caste and work to build the economy and make the Port City project a haven for the development of this country.

The minister said this while joining the parliamentary debate held on two orders under the Colombo Port City Economic Commission Act.

He also mentioned that it will be possible to create about 87,000 new job opportunities through the Colombo Port City Project. Through this, Sri Lanka will be able to become an economic hub, he said. Minister Ali Sabry pointed out that the city of Waraya will become the centre of an export-oriented economy in this country. Commenting further, Minister Ali Sabry said,

I am the one who brought the Colombo City Act No. 11 of 2021. When it was brought, a big goat was created. We are bringing a Chinese colony, what a scapegoat, by now 90% of the China Harbor Company has invested in the Colombo Harbour City project. Countries like Europe, Singapore and America have signed agreements for investment. By March last year, electricity was cut for 13 hours. After waiting in line for a month, there is no gas. Compared to that, there is some progress. I can’t say no.

It is not possible to create a scapegoat with any country. We have to cooperate with all those countries. It is a multi-tasking process to protect our international security, our market, and our job market. There is no point in fighting with friendly countries unless they have a good relationship. We should work to protect the country’s national identity, which is suitable for our country.

We must not always be prisoners of history. You can’t go on talking about the past all the time. One of the largest economies in the world has achieved growth. Countries have developed together as regions today. He pointed out that it is very important to work well with India and create market growth in such a matter.